We offer you a totally personalized, discreet and confidential service.

Through personalized consultations based on coaching, you will be able to decode and identify your limiting subconscious beliefs and directly deal with each of the blocks that prevent you from moving forward and improving. We focus on your transformation and your success. Each Autosugestion.com Personalized Coaching Service consists of two sessions on video-call, with a single payment. You receive 2 hours of consultation for the price of one.

Service Details

🎯 Objective: To improve your current situation with tools that adapt to your process and personal rhythm.

✳️ Method: Co-active ontological Coaching.


+ Will to improve your life
+ Notebook, book or new notebook
+ Pencils or microtips
+ stable internet connection
+ Option to print some pages

How the consultation develops: In 2 sessions

First session

The First Session is focused on identifying what you want to improve and the tools to achieve it.

⏲️ Duration: It lasts for 90 minutes (hour and a half) and develops like this:

+ We listen to you with full attention and without judgement.
+ We asked some clarifying questions.
+ We identify and define the Goal 🚩 that you want to achieve.
+ We dialogue to identify the tools and guidelines that will be most useful to achieve the defined goal.
+ We offer you practical daily exercises to transform your beliefs and improve your life progressively. These exercises are personalized and will depend on your process and your availability of time. They can include mental, emotional, bioenergetic, physical and spiritual techniques, as discussed.

Second session

The Second Session is for feedback and adjustment. It allows you to clarify any doubts that have arisen when performing the exercises and to identify new goals. Likewise, it allows us to provide you with extra guidelines to improve, respecting your personal rhythm and your wishes.

⏲️ Duration: It lasts for 30 minutes (half an hour).

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